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Beitrag von Andreas vom April 04, 2000 at 15:40:01:

Beitrag zu: Tauchen und Umwelt von Jens Beutner on April 04, 2000 at 12:33:17:

Ich finde dieses Thema doch sehr interessant und wuerde gerne einen Abschnitt von als Anregung fuer Taucher beisteuern:

- Before booking a reef trip, check weather conditions; it's best not to go out in rough seas. Poor
visibility, strong winds & waves reduce safe interaction at the reef.
- Remember that even the lightest touch with hands or equipment can damage sensitive coral polyps.
- Snorkelers should wear float-coats to allow gear adjustments without standing on the coral.
- Avoid contact with the ocean bottom, divers should only use the weight needed and practice
proper buoyancy control. Lifeless areas may support new growth, if left undisturbed.
- Please don't feed the fish; it destroys their natural feeding habits, and you might be injured.
- Remember, it's illegal to harvest coral in Florida and purchasing it at local shops only depletes reefs

Die frage ist, wie sehr achten wie auf diese Dinge im Tauchrausch?

Gruesse, Andreas


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