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DIVEMASTER agst. assistance at your DC - NOW!

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Beitrag von Katja Kirschner vom January 27, 2004 at 10:06:41:

You need help?
You need valuable support and absolute cooperation in the daily workflow at your DC and at the same time like to instruct to divemaster against lodging/meals? NOW would be great? Interested ??? Then contact me:
Katja; Austrian; 34; Rescue diver, 124 dives under diff.conditions; Mothertongue german, fluent english, a bit french; Driving licence; Experienced in sales, handling groups, teamleading; Flexible, humorous, enthusiastic and in love with the underwaterworld AVAILABLE NOW !!
For more information and/or serious offers please kindly contact: email- ; mobile- 0043 699 11 49 62 22 thanks and see you - Katja <(((<


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